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"It's time we disconnect to connect."

Hi, I'm Annabel


I started this website with a single idea. That we should take time every day to unplug - and hug. What’s that mean? Putting down our screens, and taking time to embrace our loved ones, hobbies, the great outdoors and ourselves.


Unplugging is also important to me because of the health risks associated with over-use of mobile devices, including increased stress levels, decreased attention span and cancer.


Putting down our digital devices every now and then can lead to a happier and healthier life. And through my website I hope to show you why.

Articles & Tips 


What's it mean to unplug and hug? What are experts saying about mobile devices and how they impact our health, personal relationships and daily lives? You'll find all that and more in our blog.

Tell the world that you unplug & hug!

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