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April 5, 2020

It’s very interesting to be the owner of this blog called Unplug&Hug during these strange times.

Right now we all need to be connected digitally to be connected. How ironic is that?!? We won’t be connected unless we have our devices? Wow! 

Buuttt, that’s only partially true! I have to say that we have had waaayyy more family time than ever which can be positive and challenging... lol. For example, we have never gone biking as a family outdoors and we have done that several times now and it was a blast! We have been hiking, walking and even cooking (a lot) together. (Hello Corona 15!) Cooking at home is always positive for overall health benefits even if I have been overdoing those gluten free brownies!

My daughter’s schedule is usually packed, too packed. Slowing down may be just what she/we needed. Now, we can make our own schedule! Being a teacher, a chef, a mother, a business owner-all, full time is a lot for many of us to handle. Worry is amplified right now especially because there i...

December 8, 2018

The holidays can bring up so much emotionally for all of us. Joy, excitement, stress, sadness and more. For me, this holiday feels sad because I miss my mom who passed away in August. She and I were so close and very festive together. Planning holiday events, decorating the tree, going to sing along’s, cookie exchanges, plays and more. If it glittered and jingled, we would be there! Christmas is feeling a little less sparkly this year.

When my mom began to become very ill, I retreated at her house one day by going outside to get some fresh air and walked over to my brother’s magnolia tree (which was donated when he passed away in 2007). I noticed that the tree was dying and I began to sob taking it as a symbol of what was to come. I felt so empty inside. But, after my mom‘s passing a few weeks later, I noticed that there was new growth. Out of the very base of the tree, I saw green leaves and magnolia buds forming. The tree was coming back. A rebirth! This reminded me about God‘s messag...

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February 9, 2019

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