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October 22, 2017

I've talked a lot about the social and personal benefits of unplugging.

When we unplug we are able to make one-on-one human connections and forge stronger personal bonds with our loved ones. Shutting down periodically also provides opportunities to appreciate the beauty of nature, do hands-on activities with our kids, explore our hobbies, be more productive at work and get in touch with our inner selves through things like meditation and exercise. (For me, that also includes a healthy dose of retail therapy!)

But unplugging is also a way to stave off health issues associated with the over-use of our phones, tablets and computers. And there are many. An abundance of research shows a direct correlation between the use of digital devices and things like increased stress levels, decreased attention span (especially in our kids), radiation and cancer. 

Using our Smartphones, tablets, smart watches and computers is unavoidable in our (ever growing) digital world. We nee...

October 1, 2017

I think that I shall never see. A poem lovely as a tree. 

- Joyce Kilmer

A writer writes. And so do I. Poetry to be specific. I find putting pen to paper an extremely therapeutic exercise, and a way for me to capture the beauty I see in the world around me. And it's also one way, and a great way, for me to unplug. 

So without further ado, I'm so happy to be able to share my poem, "Tree Bird Sun," with you. I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps you'll be inspired to capture in words, all of the the beauty you see in your life.

Tree Bird Sun

I walk.

Mouthwatering deliciousness for the eyes;

Eyes tell heart where to go;

Heart says yes.

I am no longer the walker.

I am Tree Bird Sun.

I ask Tree, “what is it like to be thee,

nestling in ground, leaves making sound,

swaying in wind’s caress?”

Tree says to me, “I am me,

most tree, free to be as I am,

in a forest of we.”

I ask Bird, “what is it like to be thee,

soaring low and high, turning on nigh,

floating and billowing above?

Bird says to me, “I am me,


October 1, 2017

The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.

-Anne Frank

I am honored to be a guest blogger on Unplug & Hug! Thank you for reading.

Let’s get started by visualizing a pair of hands reaching out to feel a soft rain or waving to a friend.

Now, let’s rewind to a month ago when I received my first Accunect healing session.

During this amazing experience, the Accunect healer explored and assessed my key energy systems (Chakras) where stress could potentially be disrupting my natural functions. The point of this “hands-free” healing method was to help me unlock my body's natural ability to heal.

Long story short.

The healer shared images on which I should meditate, and told me where she sensed energy blockages or other interesting sensations. Her assessment resonated with me, so we proceeded with the session.

For example, during our time together, she mentioned a profound image of my hands producing and “giving” in the near future.  I found it comforting, settling and quite enl...

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February 9, 2019

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