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How to Unplug & Hug

Real Connections Matter


So, we know that unplugging means putting down our digital devices, and decreasing the urge to text, or check out social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.


But it can be really hard.


That's where hugging comes in. “Hugging” is a way to put unplugging into practice. And, it can take on many forms, both literally and metaphorically. Basically, hugging is "embracing" whatever is important to you: A child, a friend, nature or a hobby.


But how do you practice the art of hugging?


Here are some ideas: 

  • Taking your child to the park

  • Instituting a family “game night”

  • Going on a hike

  • Grabbing coffee with a friend

  • Meditating

  • Practicing yoga

  • Setting aside “date nite”

  • Reading a book

  • Having family dinners

  • Taking a walk

  • And, of course, hugging someone you love!



Hugging something important to you, and putting down your phone or other digital device, will decrease your stress, help you to be in tune with yourself and ensure meaningful relationships.

Take time to try it today, even for just 15 minutes. It will do wonders. Trust us.

Check out the Explore & Learn resources to learn more!

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