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Tip of the Month: Walk!

We all know the physical health benefits of walking, like weight loss, improved strength and increased endurance.

But, did you know that taking a walk also improves your mood, sharpens your memory and helps you have a good, peaceful and re-energizing sleep? There are so many ways that a simple walk affects your brain and mental health!

We also like using walking as a way to unplug, and especially love it because it stimulates our connection with the world around us. Most importantly, nature.

How Does It Work?

Think about it in terms of your 5 Senses: Taste, Touch, Smell, Hearing and Sight.

The 5 Senses

  • Taste. ‘Consume’ the great outdoors simply by breathing in the fresh, clean air.

  • Touch. Every step you take connects you physically with the earth under your feet. If you’re hiking, or on a nature trail, take a moment to touch a flower or a tree, or stop for a moment to feel the sun on your face.

  • Smell. Have you ever walked on the beach and been invigorated by the salty sea air? Wherever you are, pause for a second, breathe deeply and soak it in.

  • Hearing. Listen to your surroundings. A bird, a cricket, the waves crashing. It’s a great way to be in-tune with the environment.

  • Sight. We have a tendency to look down when we’re walking. LOOK UP! See the world around you.

Want more? Check out 13 mental health benefits of walking.

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