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Happy Memorial Day! Honoring our Vets

It’s official! Summer’s here! But, before we dive into the pool and fire up the grill, let's take a moment to honor the amazingly brave folks, past and present, who have served our country to make this day possible.

At Unplug & Hug, we are so honored to have generations of service members in our families who served (and continue to serve) proudly and bravely. From brothers to fathers to uncles to grandparents to cousins, here are some of the people we know and love - who dedicated themselves to the great US of A.

A brother who served in Iraq and lost his life before serving in his second tour.

A dad who served in the Army during the Vietnam War.

A step dad who served his country proudly and honorably as a Marine.

An uncle who flew refueling jets in Vietnam.

A grandfather who served in the Philippines during WW2.

A grandfather who served as an instructor in the Army Air Corp during WW2.

A great uncle who lost his life as a rifleman and skier in the Italian Alps during WW2.

Twin cousins that served in the Air Force.

A cousin who serves in the Army Reserves.

A great uncle who walked in the Bataan Death March and earned a Purple Heart for his sacrifice during WW2.

There’s no better time to honor our service members and vets. So, here are some ways you can take part in the celebration of them:

Happy Memorial Day to the country’s fallen heroes, and to those who serve and have dedicated their lives to our country with valor and pride! THANK YOU!

Tell us how you're celebrating this weekend. Drop us a note at


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