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Tip of the Month June, 2017: Get Crafty!

dream board craft

Summer’s here!

And that means the pools are open, the beaches are hopping and the sprinklers are sprinkling. Most importantly? School’s out ... and that means kids have a lot of free time on their hands!

Everyone wants to have fun in the sun all summer long, but how can we occupy energetic kiddos on that inevitable rainy summer day? How can you turn your cooped-up kids into happy little campers?

Crafts, of course!

From coloring to stamping to cooking up some slime (together!), we’ve compiled some of the best crafting ideas around - all in a single (boredom-free) location!

Here they are!

Crafting isn't only a great way to give kids something fun to do on those lazy, housebound days. It's also a fantastic way to keep their creative juices flowing when school's out for summer.

Happy crafting!

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