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Unplugging When You’re Unplugged (Literally!)

NOVA (Northern Virginia, that is.) was hit with a major thunderstorm last night.

So, of course, our power went out.

Typically an annoyance (especially when it’s out for four hours!), we looked at it another way: Using it as an opportunity to have "power" family time. (Pun intended.)

So what did we do while waiting for the lights, TV and fridge to come back on? More importantly, what can you do? Here’s a quick list of ideas.

  • We played tag candlelight.

  • We found our inner crafter.

  • We had a game of Uno.

  • We dove for pennies in our backyard pool.

  • We took the tag game outside.

  • We caught fireflies!

Even though power outages are a pain in many ways, it was truly a beautiful and memorable night, and reminded me once again how important unplugging with my husband and daughter is in my life. Especially when we’re unplugged… literally.

Want more ideas? See how to not get bored when the power goes out.

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