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This Is Your Blood On Cellphones

Exposed [US] embassy staff experienced a statistically significant excess in depression, irritability, difficulty concentrating, memory loss; ear, skin and vascular problems; and other health impacts. Symptom incidence increased significantly with accrued years of exposure.

Many of us can recall Nancy Regan’s concern about the harmful effects of drug use in America, exemplified by the message of her famous say-no-to-drugs campaign: “This is your brain on drugs.” A strong warning from the First Lady about a serious health epidemic.

Similarly, cellphone use around the world has grown to epic proportions. And today’s researchers are raising questions about their impacts on our health.

The world has rapidly changed over the past few decades with the advent of cellphones. Almost 7 billion devices are now used worldwide. As of 2014, 90 percent of American adults possessed cellphones, and 58 percent had Smart Phones. The wireless industry has repeatedly assured the public of the safety of microwave radiation (MWR), emitted not only by cellphones and towers, but by seemingly harmless items found in and on most homes in the US, such as microwave ovens and Smart Meters.

However, as the study quoted above reveals­­­­---on subjecting the U.S. embassy in Moscow to frequencies from a microwave transmitter from 1953 to 1978—evidence of the negative impacts of microwave radiation on human health and the ecosystem was clear as early as the 1940s.

Increasingly swept up in this fast-paced, brave new wireless world, it is not uncommon to experience digestive and skin issues, headaches, adrenal stress, fatigue, high blood pressure, and a host of other symptoms that we might chalk up to stress, poor diet, genetics, or even a bad hair day­­­­---not realizing that accumulated exposure to cellphone and MWR may be contributing to these problems.

Seeing is Believing

The public has largely taken wireless industry assurances of safety at face value. But let’s consider the impact of this technology on the integrity of blood cells and plasma that make up the internal environment of our bodies…our “bioterrain.”

A healthy heart depends on healthy heart cells; a healthy liver, on healthy liver cells. Red blood cells (RBCs)---which transmit oxygen and nutrients to the tissues---are the essence of life, carrying electrical charge and thus frequencies, which can be affected by microwaves. Thus, anything that causes physiological imbalances in the cell and its environment, and disrupts this electromagnetic communication matrix can undermine the health of our tissues, organs, and finally surface as symptoms and disease.

Weston A. Price Foundation Cell Phone Study

In a study conducted by the Weston A. Price Foundation in 2015, ten adults were exposed to cellphone radiation (same model phone and carrier), and their

blood examined under a microscope for any changes from exposure to phone frequencies. A control sample was taken of healthy RBCs and from each participant

1) before exposure to the cell phone; 2) after exposure to the phone in a carried backpack; and 3) after exposure during direct communication and handling

of the phone for 45 minutes.

Morphing Membranes

In the healthy control sample shown below, RBCs are seen to be round, individuated, similar in size, and flowing freely through the plasma. Beginning with Sample #3, the microscopy images illustrate the impact on RBCs of exposure to the phones.


Healthy red blood sample: Cells are round, individuated, and similar in size and shape.

However, a variety of factors such as hydration levels, mineral content, and pH values of tissues fluids and blood can alter the charge of individual cells leading to a disruption of metabolic balance (homeostasis).


Blood sample taken from one of the subjects prior to cellphone use.

While this sample includes some overlapping cells, it is relatively healthy, with little debris in the plasma (background field). It is representative of other samples in the study.


This sample (same subject as above) was taken immediately after she had been exposed to a phone in receiving mode in her backpack for 45-minutes. It indicates universal stacking, a result of disrupted electrical charge, now preventing efficient transport of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.


(Participant accessing phone and Internet features, including two five-minute intervals of phone held directly to the ear.)

This sample shows blood from the same subject, after 45 minutes of phone use in active communication mode. Stacking has dissipated, although most RBCs are still aggregated and misshapen rather than round, showing spiky projections on the surface, which are abnormal, spiculed RBCs called echinocytes.


The Weston Price study, 15 others referenced in the Foundation’s article about it [1] - as well as in the experience of this author­­ observing the biological effects of cellphone frequency microwaves---reveal substantial changes in blood profiles from short-term cellphone exposure. Increased stickiness, stacking, and clumping of RBCs as well as changes in membrane shape and permeability can be reliably observed through Darkfield Microscopy.

The Foundation authors conclude that there are grounds for concern about sustained exposure to cellphone frequency microwaves, and suggest reduced time intervals during use. They strenuously recommend that “the public demand more independent testing—outside of industry…and more funding….to clarify the non-thermal biological effects of cellphone radiation, and to investigate long-term effects….to establish appropriate safety standards with a solid scientific basis.”

With the possibly imminent fast-tracking of the new, 5G (fifth generation) cellular communications infrastructure, these promptings could not be more timely.

[1] Does Short-term Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation Affect the Blood?

About the Author

Marcy Pollan, MA (Lightstream Analytics, LLC) is certified in “bioterrain,” or flow analysis, a process for visualizing core metabolic, nutritional and quantum influences determining the quality of each person’s unique cellular environment. Her focus is on promoting greater health freedom and self-empowerment by educating clients to basic concepts, user-friendly tools, and nutritional and lifestyle choices needed to achieve and maintain optimal health.

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