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August 2017 Tip of the Month: Board Games Are Back!

The age of the endless Monopoly game isn’t over. In fact, it’s just getting started.

I believe board games are an amazing way to unplug, so I was so happy to see this in USA Today last week:

In a world where seemingly all things are digital — look around in any public place and you'll undoubtedly see all eyes glued to mobile devices — a unique trend is popping up: a renewed interest in board games.


Board games have always played (pardon the pun) a big part of family time in the Olah household.

Some of our favorites? Hungry Hungry Hippos, Jenga, Uno and Trouble. And in no particular order, because, no matter what we’re playing, we have lots of laughs, and incredible quality time when we ‘get lost in a board game together,’ as Dave (my hubs), astutely puts it.

And it looks like we’re not alone. Retail giant, Target just rushed to put 70 new games on its shelves because they say, ‘the board games trend is booming as families and friends look for fun, memorable ways to spend time together.’

Check Mate!

Not only do board games provide major entertainment, and a chance to bring us together in a competitive and fun way, studies show they have other amazing benefits, including:

  • Quality family time: Games are a way spend time together and laugh (over something more than a funny meme or video).

  • Learning skills: Board games aid cognitive and memory skills.

  • Lower blood pressure: Coupled with laughing, games help increase endorphins and bring you to a calm place.

  • Stress reducer: Board games help us unwind as we take our eyes off our phones.

  • Improved logic and reasoning: Most importantly for kids, these games help build critical thinking, spatial reasoning and communication skills.

  • Fun! ‘Nuff said.

Go Fish!

And, let’s not ignore the adults in the room.

There’s a new board game trend happening and it’s spilling (once again, pardon the pun) into our country’s bars.

Bars all over the place are serving more than just cocktails. Board games are now on the menu, offering patrons a chance to connect and unplug on the town in fun, new ways. You don’t have to be a beer lover in order to enjoy yourself at bars that offer board games.

Not into the bar scene? Bring the party home! Games like Cards Against Humanity and Trivial Pursuit (now offering a version for Millennials!) are a hilarious way to hang out and have a few laughs while channeling your inner Alex Trebek.


Need more convincing to play?

When I asked my daughter why she likes board games she said, ‘I always have a great time with my parents when they are done with work and we play board games.’

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


What’s your favorite board game? Check out the 76 Best Board Games of All Time.

Want to learn more about unplugging with your family? Read our tips for kids.

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