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September Tip of the Month: Let’s Get Cooking!


Whether you’re following your grandma’s recipe, trying one you found while surfing the web, or just winging it, cooking is a fantastic way to get culinary-creative.

It’s also a great way to unplug.

Cooking for one (you), is calming, and even therapeutic. It's perfect for unwinding after a busy day, or putting a stressful situation on hold for a couple hours. Cooking for (and with!) your spouse, your partner, your kids and your extended family is a subtle way to show them you care. And cooking for friends is a terrific excuse for catching up and having some laughs. Consider starting a cooking club or a progressive dinner tradition with them!

Here are a few places to find winning dishes.

The Chew, Annabel's all-time favorite cooking show, demonstrates how to make delicious chef-approved recipes that I love. Plus, the hosts make it fun, creative and easy.

Terra's Kitchen, a meal delivery service, drops unique, healthy ingredients on my doorstep every week. (Opening the box is super fun in and of itself!) These recipes challenge me to make things I would never be brave enough to do on my own. Check out Terra’s great deals for first-time subscribers.

Cooking Light, both the website and the magazine, provides tons of recipes that air on the healthy side. I love learning ways to riff on traditional recipes to make them cleaner and leaner.

My recipe box. Nostalgic and full of family favorites, ragged index cards are a treasure trove of yumminess, and often a happy trip back in time.

For me, cooking is always a new adventure. I must admit that some dishes turn out better than others, but that’s part of the fun of it! (Yep, messing up can be fun.)

So get your juices flowing (pun intended), and let's get cooking!

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