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What Does New Year’s Mean to You?

What’s a resolution?

Is it losing weight, to save more money, to quit smoking, to travel more or to find more ways to unplug and connect with what’s important to you?

Well, no matter your resolution, think of the year as a fresh start. Releasing old, unneeded and unwanted patterns or ways of being, and moving into a new you!

A brand new year is an opportunity to start anew. How refreshing is that?!?

So, whatever that “new” thing is, think of this quote by the great Louise Hay who passed in 2017, and who was famous for her power of positive affirmations:

As I start the New Year, I focus on moving away from whatever has been holding me back. I declare that every negative thought pattern in my consciousness is now been cleared out and released. As I fill my mind with new, positive thinking, I take the first steps toward my bright future!

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2018! Make it your year to shine!

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