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Feb 2018 Tip of the Month: Reading to Unplug!

Bards Alley Books, Vienna, VA

When was the last time you allowed yourself to get lost in a book? While books are an easy choice for people who want to unplug, it is easy for even voracious readers to get distracted by life’s urgencies and leave the books to gather dust on their nightstands.

Working with customers, I’ve noticed people talking less about New Year’s resolutions, and more about New Year’s challenges. Some customers are committing to reading challenges, such as reading 25 or 50 books in 2018. Some are looking for new literary challenges (my personal challenge is to delve into poetry this year). Looking to simplify? Work smarter? Develop new skills?

There’s a book for that!

And then there are the escape artists among us – those who take advantage of the cold weather and long nights to curl up with compelling stories, whether contemporary or classics from days past.

A book-in-hand, no matter what the genre or topic, provides a simple way to slow down, find balance and restore calm. Give yourself permission to settle in and read a few times a week. When you need inspiration, we are happy to help you find your next great book.

Happy New Year!

Guest blogger, Jen Morrow, is the owner of Bards Alley Bookstore in Vienna, Virginia.

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