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The Beauty of Unplugging and Its Vibrational Benefits

Having more Beauty, more Health in our life is easy, if we just raise our vibrational energy.

Everything that is natural and alive radiates on a vibrational frequency. Everything created by man, from buildings to technology has no Natural Energy flow. Creating an equilibrium between the natural and the unnatural world is essential to living a beautiful life. I wanted to use this Blog article and these tips to relate back to all that Annabel already shares about nature, essential oils, meditation etc. When we are in nature, like the tradition of " Forest Bathing. " in Japan, or we're at the ocean breathing in the Sea Air, we're absorbing some of the highest doses of the natural world. This rebalancings us, and is the reason we feel so good. Thus, finding ways to bring in the natural world on a regular basis is essential to staying healthy. These forces of nature actually give off what are called " Negative Ions “. Positive ions are given off by unnatural materials and, these tend to be the major part of a plugged-in life. In the forest and at the sea, from plants to everything created from plants, give off negative ions and raise vibrational frequency. Easy examples to offset a plugged-in life would be to incorporate more plants in our home, using essential oils in a diffuser, or creating low stimulus quiet space where we unplug and connect.

( Using essential oils are actually one of the fastest ways to raise our vibration. As they are the concentrated essence of plants, herbs, and flowers, and thus have such a quick effect on our system )

Know when the vibrational health of our body falls, we are prone to sickness and disease. Our lowered vibration is like having a weak immune system. Staying mindful of how plugged-in we might be, gives us a chance to make adjustments, We don't need to have perfect day, just more balanced one . And understanding how to raise our vibrational energy is a big part creating more balance and the peace we seek.

A Peaceful life is A Beautiful life!

Pilar has been a Master Esthetician for over 25 years, with a specialty in Organic Beauty. In the career of aesthetics she has been an Educator, Sales Rep and trainer, Studio/Boutique owner, and most proudly, a skincare therapist who has provided more than 50,000 Organic treatments! Her chosen field of natural beauty aligned her with the perfect client; those already pursuing a life centered around wellness and well-being. This created a career of shared interest, with uplifting and inspiring connections. She was also lucky enough to win Allure’s Best Facialist Award in 2007, 2008, 2011, and 2018.

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