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Unplugging during Quarantine??

It’s very interesting to be the owner of this blog called Unplug&Hug during these strange times.

Right now we all need to be connected digitally to be connected. How ironic is that?!? We won’t be connected unless we have our devices? Wow!

Buuttt, that’s only partially true! I have to say that we have had waaayyy more family time than ever which can be positive and challenging... lol. For example, we have never gone biking as a family outdoors and we have done that several times now and it was a blast! We have been hiking, walking and even cooking (a lot) together. (Hello Corona 15!) Cooking at home is always positive for overall health benefits even if I have been overdoing those gluten free brownies!

My daughter’s schedule is usually packed, too packed. Slowing down may be just what she/we needed. Now, we can make our own schedule! Being a teacher, a chef, a mother, a business owner-all, full time is a lot for many of us to handle. Worry is amplified right now especially because there is so much uncertainty as to how much longer this will be going on. One thing is for sure, we are doing the right thing by staying in.

Here are some things that have been helping my family survive under quarantine:

1. A food plan/cooking: I started a two week reset with a large group of people. Now we have a menu plan which helps me not overdo the sugar and alcohol which I was doing the first week of Quarantine. 🤪 Having a planned menu is so helpful with having a sense of control. It is looser than our former plans but gives me a sense of control. Let me know if you want more information about this! You can also cook something you’ve never cooked before! Try roasted chicken or maybe even sushi!

2. A schedule: school, exercise, and work. We tossed that old and very full calendar and started fresh!I bought a new calendar by Lisa Condren that I had always heard great things about from friends. This has really helped us to refocus and stay on our new track and helps with daily tasks. Her calendars make it fun and enjoyable to re-create our schedule.

3. Movie time: Taking turns picking a movie in the evening and trying to watch historical, biographies or nature movies. Harriet Tubman was a recent family favorite.

4. Outdoor time: Hiking, biking, or walking. It’s so good to get outside and move your body! It increases serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. There is lots of science to support how healthy walking is and keeping our moods lifted.

5. Breathe work/meditation: We have been doing breath work daily to help us stay calm and centered. In-haling for five big breaths, holding it for a few seconds and then exhaling for five using serenity oil or lavender. See my meditations here:

Mediation helps keep the calm!

Another one I have been enjoying is Oprah and Deepak’s meditations:

Meditation Experience • Challenge

6. Prayer time 🙏

7. Game time: Sooo many obvious options! Some are UNO, checkers, chess, and more! (we bought a game table and my daughter is crushing me in Foosball! )

8. Sports time: Any sport! Without our games and practices, we are really needing this! Lax is a big sport for us so we have been getting some practice time in with the rebounder or tossing back and forth. It connects us but is also a great activity.

9. Organization time! My friend Amy gave me this idea. Pick a room each day or week and spend and hour or so cleaning and organizing it. Channel your inner Marie Condo! Make a pile to donate what you don’t need (later). It’s so cleansing to purge!

10. A Plank challenge: We started off with a 30 second plank, and the next week we built up to one minute, and so on and so forth. See my site for good form and tips.

11. Stretch time: I also show some good stretching tips on my site but there are so many stretches to keep you flexible and pain free while increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

12. Pool time (to come!) We opened it early so we can use it down the road when it’s warm.

13. Giving Time: Make cookies or do something kind for your friends or neighbors. We brought brownies to our teacher and donated diffusers to some of our nurse friends for local hospitals. There are SO many ways to give!

(If you’re in a lock down situation, we know this is a no go)

14. Letter writing - yes, letter writing! It’s a lost art. We pick a family member to write to each week and we bought really nice paper to do this with. Just like the “old days”!

15. Buy a puppy! No better time to train a pooch! They need your undivided attention for training and bonding so this time couldn’t be more perfect. I have 3 friends that have bought a puppy in need of rescuing!

16. Diffuse! I've been playing around with a lot of my concoctions in my diffuser. OnGuard and lemon for immunity and cleansing the air. Purify to clear environmental toxins. Citrus bliss or Elevation to lift moods and clean the air. Serenity, Copaiba and Adaptive to balance stress and moods. Have fun with it and if you have kids, let them help! Message me for more info or recipes.

17. Gardening-make a home garden! Having foods and herbs in your back yard or patio garden is so handy and good for you. Not into that, just pulling weeds can feel therapeutic.

18. Snuggle time with family, a pet or a stuffed animal. Hugging releases oxytocin causing a decrease in heart rate and a drop in the stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine. There's also some evidence that oxytocin can improve immune function and pain tolerance.

I hope you have found this helpful and can do a few things that help you! I would love to hear what some of you have been doing!

Stay safe and well everybody and hang in there. Sending a BIG virtual hug to you! 🤗



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