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Come Sit with Me

There are no words to say that would do whats happening in the world right now justice... but I do know that its a season of reflection and that its important that we listen. Really listen.

As my mom was battling her last year with cancer, and coming into acceptance of whatever happens next, she would say “come sit with me” quite often. In true Northern Virginia fashion I was always in such a hurry with a full calendar and “too much to do!”. I would often say, “next time mom, I’m too busy right now.”

Now that I sit here and quarantine, with too little to do, I remember my mom’s words and they vibrate through me. “Come sit with me.” How I wish I had slowed down more often and taken the time to do just that. There is so much to the phrase “come sit with me”. Come and take the time to sit, to listen,

to enjoy,

to laugh,

to love,

to be present,

to be still.

I would love to send the message out there that it’s not too late. Sit with your mom, your dad, your grandparents, uncle or child. Maybe just sit with yourself. Listen to what your heart is telling you. Or what God is telling you, and maybe has been trying to tell you for years. It could be something very important. Listen. Be still. Receive.

Signed, Your friend.

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