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The Dark side of Blue Light

In defense of the “New Normal”, I have enjoyed using the once dreaded commuting time for self-care. After 7 months of trying to figure out a routine, have decided that a flexible routine is best for me. This includes mediation and mindfulness, and being kind to myself if I just don’t get there for the day. This includes eating more vegetables and being kind to myself for allowing french fries to count sometimes. This includes booty bands, 28 day, 7 day, 14 day and 10 challenges that sometimes don’t get completed. This also includes the 15 step, the 10 step or 5 step beauty routine. What kind of ampoule do I need anyway?!

In this journey of self-care and really self-discovery, (who knew that I really could do 10,000 steps a day for 30 days??). I have uncovered a culprit that I didn’t realize existed and led me down a path of research…which added to the problem, then towards a path to make a difference.

With a self-proclaimed gold star for Instagram shopping, Zooming and virtual wine tasting, (grapes are good for you!), I started to learn more and more about the effects of blue light on my eyes. You have blue light glasses too, right? I started really reading as I amassed more glasses to fit my mood or fun colors to make Zoom a bit more interesting, adding to my screen time. I thought that blue light mattered because it kept me up at night, (or was it Tik-Tok, IG or the ever classic cat memes? Or all?). The blue light glasses craze provided some insight into the how damaging high-energy visible, HVE, light may or may not be. I wandered away from eye strain and circadian rhythms when a word caught my eye, pun intended, describing in one word the biological effects of this strong visible light…AGING!

Did you know… your electronic devices (phone, computer screen, tv, etc.) emit blue light which penetrates deep into your skin and triggers oxidative stress- and that contributes to skin aging, including wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Totally NOT what I wanted to hear, I was not in the market for more stress but frankly it made sense. Screen time has increased as we work remotely, read and socialize on our devices. That blue light exposure adds up.

Back to those million step beauty routines, was there anything that I was using that could help? I nearly abandoned sunscreen since I wasn’t leaving my house most days. Thus began the research into blue light protection. There were some things, but thought I don’t want a thick cream, I want to combat the effects of blue light. I sought to stimulate skin’s natural defense with natural ingredients such as red algae, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. These ingredients work together to protect skin against oxidative stress from blue light while also helping to increase your skin’s collagen levels. I may not do a 10 step beauty routine each day, but I try and take a few minutes to myself, enjoy an occasional treat, (aka French fries), and protect my skin. Be kind, be strong, live life and stay beautiful!

- Jaci Tomek

Jaci Tomek, an imaginative and highly skilled sales executive, has more than 20 years of industry experience in cybersecurity, strategic business development, corporate strategy, sales and customer acquisition. In 2018, Jaci founded TomahawX Technologies, a boutique consultancy to build, grow and operate high performing sales operations teams. TomahawX supports cybersecurity companies in all phases of growth. With a rare combination of technical, interpersonal and management skills to deliver services with the highest integrity and professionalism, TomahawX has grown to meet client needs and demand. Prior to TomahawX, Jaci served in executive positions and well-known brands in cyber solutions and sales services throughout the Washington D.C Metro area. In 2020, Jaci founded Strong Beauty Life, a science based skin care and lifestyle company to help make the most of life. It is being launched in November, 2020.

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