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Why Unplug?

Who Doesn't Love a Hug?

In our fast-paced, digitally connected world, we can become consumed with our cell phones, laptops and tablets. The urge (and urgency) to reply to a text, post a Facebook status message, Tweet, play games and obsessively scroll through a feed is pervasive with folks around the world. Digital connectivity is securely woven into our daily lives.


Don’t get us wrong, digital connectivity has many benefits. It’s a source for news. It allows us to have relationships with family and friends around the world who we would otherwise not be in touch with. There are educational games for our children. We can capture life’s moments instantly with a camera that's just a purse or pocket away.


But it also can lead to being detached from human interaction, family time and experiencing “the real world.” It can also add a lot of stress and anxiety to our lives.


That’s where unplugging and hugging comes in.



Unplugging is a means to being present, enjoying quality time with family and friends, enjoying the world with real experiences and making memories.


Unplugging for just a few minutes a day to take the time to ‘hug’ our kids, our friends, our hobbies and nature can do wonders to decrease stress, and the feeling of being disconnected from our lives and the world around us.



“Hugging” can take on many forms, both literally and metaphorically. Examples include:


  • Playing games with our kids

  • Going on a date

  • Having family dinners

  • Taking a walk

  • Meeting a friend for coffee

  • Meditating

  • Exercising


Basically, hugging means "embracing" whatever makes you feel in touch with yourself, and connected to loved ones, and your environment.


Benefits of Unplugging & Hugging

In short, some of the benefits you’ll experience from this way of life, include:


  • More meaningful relationships with family and friends

  • Decreased stress from being constantly inundated with information

  • A sense of being “present”

  • Feeling healthy, both physically and emotionally

  • A way to decrease some of the research-based health issues related to using mobile devices, like stress, decreased attention span and even cancer


You can reap so many rewards through the art of unplugging and hugging. Give it a try!

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